Mini-Workshop on Laser Pulse Shaping

DESY location Zeuthen
Thursday, November 30th, and Friday, December 1st, 2006

Goals of the workshop: Besides a review of currently used techniques for transverse and temporal laser pulse shaping, the production of ellipsoidal laser distributions is the central topic of the workshop. Another subject of the workshop is the applicability of the used and proposed laser shaping techniques for long laser pulse trains as they are used at FLASH and the European XFEL.

Presentations from this workshop are available below.

M. Krasilnikov
B. van der Geer and J. Luiten
H. Tomizawa
J. Bähr
M. Hänel
H. Tomizawa
application/pdf Pulse shape measurement issue (2.0 MB)
PDF file
M. Petrarca
application/pdf Laser pulse shaping at SPARC (13.4 MB)
PDF file
O. Gobert