Mini-Workshop on THz option at PITZ

DESY location Zeuthen
Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

Main ideas for a one-day brainstorming:

-what are the advantages of THz generated by a separate accelerator and what are possible requests from users, a first guess
-to present current status of simulations and discuss future possibilities to produce THz radiation using the PITZ linac
-to establish collaboration for these scientific case studies
-to make a road map (in the case of reasonable proposals)

Presentations from this workshop are available below.

M. Krasilnikov
M. Krasilnikov
application/pdf PITZ: facility overview (5.8 MB)
pdf file
application/pdf Other parameters (31KB)
pdf file
I. Zagorodnov
G. Asova
E. Syresin, M. Krasilnikov (was not presented)