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Main activities on research and development are concentrated around the second stage of PITZ. The second stage of PITZ, called PITZ2, is a large extension of the facility and its research program. The concept of PITZ2 is to basically resemble the VUV-FEL up to that critical beam energy where emittance becomes a constant of motion for the rest of acceleration. In this way, the VUV-FEL will be relieved from the time consuming studies on improvement of electron beam quality, while all results achieved at PITZ can readily be transferred to the VUV-FEL, thus improving its performances. Since the injector concept is basically the same for the European XFEL, the work at PITZ will also have a major impact for this facility. In addition, PITZ2 will be able to study injector schemes beyond the VUV-FEL and baseline XFEL demands, e.g. upgrades of the European XFEL and studies for the proposed BESSY-FEL.

PITZ2 will comprise the following main aspects:

  • The key technical element of PITZ2 is a booster cavity, which allows accelerating the beam to ~ 30 MeV, an energy necessary to prove the basic principles of conserving small transverse emittance.
  • For the detailed study of the electron beam parameters at higher energies, new diagnostic elements have to be developed and installed.
  • A stable and reliable laser system with the required flat-top temporal and transverse laser beam profiles has to be developed and installed.
  • Further optimization of all others subsystems is needed in order to reach optimum electron beam parameters. This requires extensive beam dynamics studies.
  • In addition, testing of a new gun cavity for high duty cycle operation and further improvements on photo cathodes are necessary and foreseen.
  • The exploration of the parameter space for the XFEL user operation should be started.
  • The delivery of improved RF guns for the VUV-FEL and the European XFEL is planned.
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Updated: November 16, 2004